"The great things in this universe

you can never see."


Martin Luther King Jr.

Each day in the summer, I stop at The Rose House more than once, inhale the pollen from my favorite roses, hold it in my lungs, and meditate on it, because it reminds me of my grandfather's garden, which is so far away. One day, I see The Rose Lady in her garden and tell her just how much I appreciate and admire her hard work. Now we are friends.

The most important part of convivial life is to appreciate, celebrate and support the passions and work of the people that surround us. It creates energy out of no physical fuel.

My purpose in life is to use my creativity to imagine a better world and then actualize that world with my heart and hands.

I do this as a human being first, then a designer, writer, artist and performer.

My work as a designer centers on society and social life. I want to create for a convivial society so that we can more forward, so that we can be better.

Photograph by Danylo Kolos